Saturday, November 1, 2008

Elegant Dinner In

Ron and I were treated to an elegant dinner IN tonight. Our 11 year old and her friend, Annie, escorted us from our living room to the dining room where they had taped one of the lace dining room sheers to obscure our view of the kitchen. We were handed menus handwritten in crayon from a music stand/hostess station. I started with the Iceberg Lettuce &[unpeeled] Chopped Carrot Salad. Ron had the Nacho Platter (chips with leftover beans I had meant to throw out earlier this week, and melted cheese.) The main entree was Tuna Helper, which was only a little gritty because the chefs forgot to add the seasoning packet until after the pasta was cooked. The vegetable du jour was corn--boiled over and burned onto the ceramic stovetop. Dessert was chocolate pudding served in our fancy dessert dishes and we ate it with rubber covered baby spoons for a very special effect. There were only a few powdery lumps in the pudding. Only one dish got broken. The waitresses/chefs seemed happy with the dollar tip we left each of them.

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