Saturday, April 4, 2015

Saturday's Silence

Waiting. Silence. Guilt and Sadness. This is what Saturday felt like to all those who loved Jesus. Had yesterday really happened, or was it all a bad dream? But no, the ones who had taken down the body of Jesus and carried it to the tomb still had his dried blood staining their robes. They who had heard him cry, "My God, my God--why have you forsaken me?" could not block out the memory still ringing in their ears. How had this ended so terribly? Weren't they just walking alon...g the road with Jesus, basking in his growing popularity, feeling honored that THEY were the ones he had chosen to follow him? How could they have abandoned him, still cowering in secret--afraid for their lives? Surely they were dismayed to see Peter--their fearless leader--broken and despondent, wrestling with his public denial. They had no doubt heard what had become of Judas and maybe some thought he had chosen the only way out. We know the story and what happens next. But they did not.
Have you ever found yourself in this place of waiting in the face of God's silence? An earthquake has ripped apart your life (your health, your family) and you think you can never recover--things will never be good again. You pray, but you feel your prayers rise to deaf ears or bounce off the ceiling. You doubt if God is there, if he hears you, if he cares. And yet we KNOW that things were happening that Saturday after the crucifiction. Jesus descended into hell and took the keys of hell and death, triumphing over his enemies and making a mockery of them. (Colossian 2:13-15) His dying words, "It is finished," meant he had successfully delivered the blow God had promised the serpent way back in the garden of Eden; "[Adam's] seed will crush your head." Satan may have celebrated on Friday, but he didn't laugh for long.
Whatever you may be going through today, know this: God is near. He is aware, he is paying attention, he KNOWS. And though you may not see it or feel it, he is busy on your behalf. Can you rest today? Can you take advantage of the Sabbath given to you and just rest? Times come when we are told, "...having done all to stand..." to continue to simply STAND. Stand and see the salvation of our Lord who has defeated the ultimate enemy, who has all authority in heaven and earth, and who loved you SO MUCH he died for you. Sunday is coming, Sweet Friend. Just you wait!

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