Friday, May 29, 2015

Too Busy

There are two phrases I plan to completely eliminate from my vocabulary this summer. 1) I'm so tired, and 2) I'm so busy. When I talk about being tired, it makes me MORE tired. When I tell people I am SO BUSY they probably feel as irritated as I feel when they tell me the same thing. You know what? We are ALL busy. Whatever. Fact: We are TOO busy. Here's an idea--what can you cut out of your schedule this summer? What sport can you NOT sign your kid up for? What volunteering ...can you take a break from? How about if you plan for some blank days on your calendar? Don't tell me you can't. The world will not stop turning if you pause to catch your breath, I promise. What if you stopped to smell the roses every day? What if you sat on the sidewalk and watched ants? What if you threw a blanket on the grass and read to the kids or just closed your eyes and listened to them play? When was the last time you watched clouds? Stayed in your jammies and drank coffee all morning? Listened to the birds singing while you painted your toenails on the back steps? Life is full of MOMENTS. Moments that tick by so fast we don't ever notice them until they become hours and days, weeks and years. And all we do is run from one thing to another telling everyone how tired and busy we are. STOP. Just stop. Shhhhhh...quiet your little soul today. Be present. Be aware of the world and your tiny little part in it. Breathe. There is rest for you in this crazy world. But first, you must want it. Quit wearing your Badge of Busyness like it's an honorable calling. Let's humble our prideful hearts and choose the better thing.

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