Monday, April 20, 2009


Yesterday, Victoria and I were at Home Depot purusing a Buy 1 Get 1 Free Sale on seeds and vegetable plants. We walked around the outdoor enclosure filling the cart with various baby herbs. I stroked the cilantro lovinging, daydreaming of the not-too-distant future when those few leaves would be a bush and I'd make homemade salsa...

As my cart fiiled up, I began to realize I'd need a new planter and considered my choices--terra cotta pots, glazed pots, and plastic window boxes. I found some rectangular planters that looked interesting. They were about six feet off the ground on a wire shelf. I didn't want to trouble the clerk so I put my toes on the lowest shelf and stretched as tall as I could, reaching the highest edge of the stack with the tips of my fingers. Now I just had to lean the pile toward me and slip the top one off....WHOOSH! At least a gallon of melted snow-water that was trapped in the lip of the planters hit me full in the face! I gasped, unable to speak. My hair was drenched and plastered to my head. My sweatshirt was soaked through to my skin. Victoria burst into gales of laughter.

I got a discount on the planter.



    I'm so glad you got a discount. That is hilarious. Also, it would SO happen to me. I'm excited to eat your homemade salsa, too! :)

  2. Amazing! I love it. I'm glad you got a discount. ;)

  3. Only you could do that and get a discount! If that had been me, they would have lectured me on not getting a store associate to help!

  4. HAHAhahaHAHA Why did you never tell me this story?!? Hahahahahahaha

  5. HAAAA!!
    I mean--Oh, I'm so sorry that happened...