Sunday, January 30, 2011

50 Favorites for 50 Years

*porch swings and hammocks *the aroma of line-dried sheets *lilacs in a vase *bare feet in wet sand *textured fabric like corduroy and velvet *music with no words that makes me cry *a cat purring in my lap *red hair and freckles *light through stained glass *minnows that nibble at my toes *the amazing eyelashes of llamas *random acts of kindness *the smell of chlorinated pools *horses' soft noses *a good story *the scent of cut grass *moving water *skipping stones on a smooth lake *hummingbirds *the smell of burning leaves *the sound of rain on glass *a good fire *dark chocolate *small children with missing teeth who lisp *babies' laughter *words fitly spoken *loyalty *bravery *generosity *the colors of fall on a rainy day *the way the air glitters when its really cold *root beer in a frosted mug *worship that makes me forget myself *the sweet smell of babies' heads *a gift for no reason *the color of the sky *down pillows *marine fish and the soothing sound of the bubbler *frost patterns on a window pane *old people who hold my hand too long *sticky-fingered toddlers who think they don't need to hold my hand at all *cotton candy *the companionship of an old dog *the imagination of a kitten *friends who "get it" without lengthy explanations *the last bite of an ice cream cone *feeding ducks *dragonflies *the smell and texture of new crayons *the simple faith of a child

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