Friday, November 2, 2012

Unstuffed Crockpot Cabbage

I promised to deliver some easy, versatile meals to help you in your busy life. Here's a favorite my husband asks for weekly which only requires three ingredients for the basic version:

Start with one small cabbage. Wash, core, and cut into wedges. Pile it into a greased crock pot. 

Brown a pound and a half of lean hamburger in a nonstick frying pan over med/hi heat. You may add onions and garlic to this step. Salt and pepper to taste. Spoon the cooked, drained meat over the cabbage chunks in the crock pot.

Open two med/lg jars of spaghetti sauce and pour over the meat. (We prefer Prego to all other brands and nobody pays me to say that.) Cover the crock and cook on low/med all day. That's it! Serve over hot, cooked white or brown rice.The above recipe makes a lot and tastes just like stuffed cabbages without all the work. I can't tell you how it freezes because we can't leave it alone long enough to need to extend its Fridge Life.

Now, for the variations: You might like to toss on some cheese a few minutes before serving. This may pacify children who could be suspicious of the cabbage. Anything would work--mozzerella, parmesan, even cheddar. I like to slice up one or two peppers and add them the last hour. This makes the dish resemble stuffed peppers--again, without the fuss. I would imagine that sliced zucchini or mushrooms would also be fabulous. Last, experiment with what you serve the cabbage over. Pasta, quinoa, and couscous come to mind as possibilities. Enjoy!!!


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