Friday, November 8, 2013

Apples of Gold in Settings of Silver

I am thankful for words--vehicles that deliver images, convey deep emotion, render dimension to amorphous concepts. Words can be used as weapons and have the power to wound, kill, and destroy. But greater still is their power to create, heal, give life. In the beginning, God SPOKE and the clock started ticking. God spoke the stars and galaxies into existence with His words. The Word was with God in the beginning and everything that was made was made by Him. Then, at the perfect moment in time, God spoke Incarnation and the Word appeared on our planet wrapped in human skin--the perfect visual message in a language mortals could understand. This Word of God bled and died, taking the punishment that was ours so that by our own utterance of His name, one word--JESUS--we can receive light and grace and salvation. Consider, today, the thousands of times you will push air from your lungs, past larynx, over formed lips and tongue into the hearing of others. Pause before you do and consider the listener. Is what you are about to say good? Is it necessary? Helpful? True? Use this wonderful gift wisely and with thankfulness!

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