Sunday, November 10, 2013

Echoes of the Unseen

I am thankful for MUSIC. Our family has a homemade lullaby we sing to our babies from the day they are born. It contains only five simple notes. The words are "Bye-oh, bye-0h, Bay-bee, by-oh, by-oh Bay-bee." There are other verses with equally compelling lyrics. It lends itself well to fits of improv. My mother sang it to me and my sisters. I sang it to my five children, and we all sing it to theirs. The other day, I observed my 20 month-old granddaughter cradling her dolly and singing that very distinct tune. and my heart melted, flooded with wonder. Music is one of the earliest things we notice and one of the last things we let go of. A growing field of study is in the area of Music Therapy. It has been said that "Music soothes the savage beast," and it also works miracles on the human soul--particularly among the elderly and those with special needs. Music provides pathways to the past, connecting us to memories that we may not be able to access with conscious thought. Have you witnessed non-verbal individuals, closed off to everyone around them,
perk up when a familiar hymn or song is played then smile, and sing along? Music is a gift that defies logic and reason. What mysterious force compels us to tap our toes to a beat, or hum and whistle when we are alone? Music is other-worldly, emanating from around the throne of God. It flows through the canals of our ears, bypasses the brain, and caresses the soul in a powerful. inexplicable way. We experience this when we hear music with no words that makes us weep. I believe there's a receptor hidden deep in our souls that hears the song of the stars.. The melody courses through us as real as the blood through our veins. We were made for this--to hear music, to make music, to return music in worship of the Composer and Giver of All That is Good.

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